New Beginnings

The past year has been such a roller coaster ride.  I know it sounds cliche but it’s true.  I had lived in Roanoke for 25 years of my life and then decided to move to the not-so-far-away town of Blacksburg. That’s where i’ve resided the past year of my life and i’ll be here for at least a few months more (by months i mean a year).  At this point, i need a change. That’s what life is about, right?  Everything changes in life – in the world, in people and in weather.  Everything is constantly changing.  Change can be good or bad.  I don’t really know if the move to Blacksburg a year ago was good or bad.  It’s had its ups and downs.  I’ve had my fair share of crazy situations, of which i’m thinking a novel is in store (not that i’m a writer or anything).  And i’ve also had some joyous times.  To say the least, i’ve learned a lot.  Possibly more in the past year than the last few years.  Maybe i’ll expand on some particulars at times.  But for now, it’s change.  And focusing on that change.  For me.  To explore.  To find.  What a great change that will be.

So, hello sweet world.  I’m back.  For change.   And for me.


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  1. I love it cuz!! I’m so excited to read your blog…and maybe soon I’ll be reading about you moving to Northern VA, hehe?

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