A New Saturday

For once on a Saturday, i have no plans, no place to be.  Only things to do that i may want to do.  And it’s great weather out too! Soon i will be going for a bike ride, which i don’t do much of.  I may not get very far but it’s all about the effort, right?  Exercise is something that i have to get motivated to do, but once i do it, i feel so much better.  So, that’s the plan for today.  Force myself to go on a bike ride. 

Next weekend will be exciting, and this time next weekend, i’ll be in Louisville, KY.  I love traveling and i love seeing new places.  I’ll definately have lots and lots of pics of that adventure, as well as stories i’m sure. 

I know my blog might not be so exciting now, but once i get used to the blog thing every day, i’ll get better.  Not that anyone is actually reading these yet or anything.  Hehe…..

So, hello sweet world! It’s time for a bike ride……



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2 responses to “A New Saturday

  1. Hello back! Nice butterfly shot. I found you from your comment on Jeff St. Realist but I see you found me some time ago since I’m on your blog list. Thanks for the link; I’ll do the same for you next time I update!

  2. i’m a blog reader. not much of a writer. so if you write them odds are i am reading them 🙂 very good writing and pictures

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