Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

So i did manage to go on the bike ride yesterday.  It was a long one.  But a gorgeous day for it. I had been wanting to see what the famous Blacksburg Huckleberry Trail was about so i rode from my apartment to the start of the trail at the Blacksburg Library.  I’m guessing that was 1-2 miles in itself.  Then, i got on the trail, which is very nice.  It’s nice to have a town maintained paved trail for all to use.  It goes over bridges, under tunnels, and through farmland.  I kept riding and riding until i ended up somewhere near Christiansburg in the old Coal Mine Park.  Interesting.  I never knew that sort-of thing existed.  Over all, I rode about 10-12 miles, which may have been a bit too far for a beginner like me.  But i did it.  And what an accomplishment it was.  Coming back was the hardest part, as you can imagine and my legs were screaming at me last nite.  Today it’s not so bad though, suprisingly enough. 

The interesting part of my trip was that i got to take some pics along the way.  The above pic is a cool part of the trail beside a corn field and that goes into a tunnel under the 460 bypass.  The only bad thing is that an oil truck passed by on the adjacent dirt road and well, lets just say it was a dust storm.  Thanks oil truck, i needed that. 


The ride was nice, even though i thought i’d never get home.  Next time, i think i shouldn’t go so far unless i’m absolutely ready for it. 

Hello Sweet World, bike rides are awesome – maybe just not long ones yet. 


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  1. Nice job. Exercise is great!

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