A Kitchen Catastrophe of my Own

It’s funny how things play themselves out.  After reading about a unique kitchen experience on another blog, I had one of my own.  What a night last night was! 

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and around maybe 10:30 p.m. or so, i hear screaming and thought my new neighbors were arguing.  My dog was barking, of course, so i went to look through the peep-hole of my door and see about 5 or 6 girls carrying one of my neighbors in while she’s screaming and yelling.  I could hear them in my apartment from the parking lot before they even reached their door.  Oh how i love apartment living.  I also overheard one of the girls say, “We’re here. Do you recognize where you are now?”  Oh how i love apartment living in a small college town.  School hasn’t even started yet and they’re already getting beligerant.  How lovely. 

Well, this ties into my kitchen story because when i was setting my alarm in the bedroom before heading to bed, my dog starts sniffing furiously.  I didn’t smell anything right away but then i began to smell smoke.  Oh no, now the drunken neighbor has passed out with a lit cigarette or candle and is actively burning the complex down.  I started to freak out, and got ready to knock on their door to hopefully stop this mayhem before i became homeless when i realized i had put my “neck wrap” in the microwave.  The microwave was no longer cooking at this point.  The wrap is filled with natural items, such as flax seed and lavender, that can be microwaved and used to help relax.  I’ve microwaved this many times before and everything turned out just fine.  I then opened the microwave door, and there it was, burnt and smoking.  I immediately turned the kitchen fan, bathroom fan and small air purifier on to mitigate any fumes but it was too late.  At this point, my whole apartment smelled like burnt something. 

I managed to keep the smoke alarm from going off, if it even works, and somehow the neighbors didn’t seem to smell the burntness coming from my apartment.   I couldn’t leave the windows open since i live on the bottom floor, in fear that an intruder would come in my apartment while i was sleeping.  I just hoped my dog and i wouldn’t die in our sleep from the smell.  Obviously we made it but my apartment will most likely continue to smell well-done for at least a few days.  Wow.  Talk about a crisis averted. 

Hello Sweet World, let’s make sure we don’t burn the place down next time, shall we?


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  1. Oh my. I never thought about those kinds of things catching fire in the microwave. I am glad you didn’t burn the place down! Hope the smell goes away soon.

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