I’m back from Louisville, KY and it was awesome.  And very tiring.  I’m in a paranormal group that investigates paranormal activities and our group went to investigate an old jail in Louisville on Friday night and the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium on Saturday night.  We have a lot of evidence to go over for sure.  We were at Waverly Hills til 8 am Sunday morning!  Whew!  We’ve already gotten a few EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings and will probably have a bunch more.  Some of us also were able to capture some questionable photographs.   

I got to explore downtown Louisville and Bardstown Road shops on Saturday during the day with my brother, who lives up the road in Lexington, KY.  That was fun.  It is sad though because actual downtown Louisville doesn’t have a shopping area.  No farmers market.  No vendors.  It is disappointing that downtown is so vacant, especially on a weekend.  And everything closed early.  Some people in the group said they tried to go get a Subway sandwich and it was closed at 5 pm that day. Very strange.  It makes me appreciate the local farmers markets and shops in Roanoke and Blacksburg much more now.  Bardstown Road was neat though.  Local shops and unique items.  But it is far from downtown.  I’ll get some pics up later of the trip and of Waverly Hills.  It was definately an interesting weekend. 

Hello Sweet World, traveling makes me sleepy!


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  1. I had no idea. That is just cool.

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