Too Much Drama

Drama is never fun, unless of course you’re paying to see a play on a stage.  In that case, drama is meant to be there.  Oh, how i wish the past couple days was that kind of drama.  I would’ve sat through a million plays in exchange for the past 24 hours.  Anyhow.  Yesterday was drama-filled to the max, after i have worked so hard the past year to get rid of drama in my life and the people who create it.  I just have a really hard time why adults cannot solve problems in a mature manner sometimes.  I’m not pointing fingers or facing blame, because i am just as guilty of it.  Yesterday i lost my cool a little bit and should’ve myself, handled things a little bit differently.   It just gets so hard when i tell my side of the story over and over and still no one listens, and then everything is turned on me.  Of course i’m going to defend myself.  Afterall, i’m here for me.  I’m the reason for me.  And i have my opinions just as much as anyone else does. 

So, upon waking up this morning i couldn’t believe some of the things that occurred the past 24 hours and frankly, i’m over it.  I really have worked hard to get rid of the drama in my life because i don’t want it.  None of it.  No more drama, no more fakeness, no more lies, no more pettiness, no more bickering.  And coming from the sources i never thought it would come from just proves to me, again, that real, honest, trustworthy people are hard to find.  Through all this i just simply go back to what i tell myself everytime when the hurtful people prevail – Karma, indeed, is a b*tch. 

Hello Sweet World, you are indeed sweet but sometimes there are bitter moments.

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One response to “Too Much Drama

  1. GP

    I hear ya! Some people never grow up, never learn how to handle their problems like adults. It’s sad though that these people are parents and will pass this on to their children. This will only increase the number of immature people in the world. Maybe more problem solving should be taught in school. Maybe then these children can teach their parents how to behave.

    Until that happens just remember, you do have friends, true ones, and ones that will have your back no matter which way you turn.

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