I think i’m going insane.  My day has consisted of the Monk marathon on USA and taking random pictures of my dog (proof above).  Oh, he loved that, as he hates the camera and knows when i am using him for my practice shots.  My stomach is killing me still and it’s going on 48 hours.  Blech!  I am going to attempt to go to a cookout tonite with a new friend, which could become another great story in itself if my stomach doesn’t behave.  I need to get out of the house if i want to save my insanity!  Probably won’t eat but maybe the akwardness of not knowing anyone there will get my mind of my stomach.  Should make for an interesting evening. 

Thanks Sweet World, you can make my stomach stop hurting anytime now, i won’t mind!


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One response to “Illness=Boredom=Insanity

  1. Yikes, I can relate. I hope that you’re feeling better now. Tummy bugs are no fun at all.

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