Materialistic India

(Image courtesy of New York Times and Vogue Magazine)

I came across this article today discussing a new “debate” of Vogue Magazine’s use of real India in their photo spread.  The article outlines some good points, such as how these people may never afford the fashion they wear in the magazine, but it also did not touch on what these people of India did receive for doing the photo shoot.  I think the photos are simply gorgeous, which shouldn’t be suprising to some, as i love the Indian culture and am fascinated with it.  However, i would like to think that even with Vogue being Vogue, that they compensated these people fairly for their photos.  At least i hope they did.  I can agree with both arguments to the story but i do think the idea of using “real” people of India is a genious one.  Using “real” people for modeling and photo shoots these days is awesome to me, as it actually can tell a real story instead of a skinny model infront of a fake display.  And it can also appear more “real” and portray life in a more realistic light.  So, i hate to say it, but i agree with Vogue just a little bit more on this one.  The use of “real” people is artistic in itself and actually tells a story.  As long as these people were compensated fairly for their time, i see no problems with it. 

Hello Sweet World, i think using “real” models is awesome, but remember to compensate fairly!

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