Freaky Friday

Today will be filled with interesting adventures.  Our paranormal group is headed out again.  This time, we’re going to the former West Virginia State Penitentiary to see what kind of ghouls and goblins we can experience this time.  It’ll be another great experience for sure.  And we actually are renting a van this time so everyone can be included for the whole trip, which is nice since that really didn’t happen last time.  I’m sure i’ll have some exciting stories and new pics for ya this weekend. 

On Sunday, I’ll be heading to Roanoke for a bit to see my brother who’ll be in town and i’m also thinking of going downtown to take advantage of some photo-ops too.  I’m really getting into photography and one day, i’ll take a real class on the subject.  Haha.  There is a two-day workshop in November through the YMCA in Blacksburg on beginning digital photography, and i can’t wait to sign up!  Any class i can get in, the better.  I want to learn! 

Not much has happened the past few days besides my stomach still being a little quesy.  I really think my stomach hates me for some reason.  I guess i’ll get to the doctor if it continues but i really don’t want to waste the money for him to tell me it’s just some bug and that it’ll pass.  We’ll see. 

And on a salesman note, i’m selling a Casio WK-3300 keyboard if anyone is interested.  It’s just sitting around not getting used and i could use the money.  Hehe. 

Hello Sweet World, here’s to another ghost adventure and a fun-filled weekend!


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