Twice (Not) Learned Lesson

Last night i think i thought i was about 8 years old again and that actually going through with what i did would actually be fine.  I’m not sure exactly what i was thinking – oh wait! I wasn’t thinking at all, clearly.  When i tell you what it is, you may just think i’m crazy.  Maybe a little.  Probably a lot.  And actually, i don’t even have to tell you.  All i really need to say is two words.  I could probably even say one of the words and you’d get it.  You may even have it now and i haven’t even said any of the key words.  Yikes!  Yes, it’s that bad.  Are you ready for it? 

Scissors and hair. 

There, i said it.  I said the dreadful (and embarrassing) two words that got me into this situation in the first place.  Yikes!  Yes, it’s that bad.  I could tell you that i gave myself what could be considered a partial mullet, or that i can spike my “bangs” perfectly without gel, but the fact is they’re still long enough to clip back and hair grows, right?  I mean, my hair is growing as i type this.  It’ll be the perfect length in no time!

So now that i’m pretty much an 8 year old child who “experiments” with their hair and learns their lesson, my lesson from that day obviously didn’t stick with me last night when this occurred.  All i have to say is thank heavens for hair clips and hats.  And that hair grows.  Hopefully fast.  Please grow fast.  Yikes! Yes, it IS that bad. 

Oh, Sweet World – scissors should not be given to 8 year olds (with hair)!



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2 responses to “Twice (Not) Learned Lesson

  1. Mojo JoJo

    lolz!!! You know what’s even funnier?
    The fact that you have pictures on almost every one of your blog entries but not this one. ha! it must really be THAT bad for you not to tap into your photography side.
    It’s probably 1/100 of a millimeter longer than it was yesterday, so at least that’s something.
    ahahah, jk w/ ya Krstn! ^-^

  2. hellosweetworld

    Now it’s at least 1/50 of a millimeter longer…..yay for that, Mr. Funny!

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