Yesterday after work, i decided to venture to Target and see what their Halloween section looked like this year.  Yes, i said Halloween.  Yes, i know it’s only the beginning of September.  I blame retail for jumping the gun and already making me think of the infamous All Hallows Eve.  I mean, it is my favorite holiday after all.  Even though Target has most of it’s Halloween treats on display, there still were some empty sections illustrating their work-in-progress for the festive merchandise.  Even so, i was still in the ghostly section for a long time.  I was so ecstatic to be there.  Halloween is my favoritist ever!  Yes, ever!  Target, by far, still has the best Halloween section of all the places i’ve been for the holiday (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Michael’s).  Oh, and did i mention i love Halloween?! 

Anyhow, i did come across the little guy pictured above – Domo.  I actually had seen him online a couple of months ago and thought he was so cute.  Apparently, Target has rights to selling the merchandise so i picked up some “Domo” stuff of my own.  No, i didn’t need him.  But i wanted him.  How can you resist such a cute face?  It’s not like i went to Target to get toothpaste or something i actually needed.  I was browsing.  And ended up with more unnecessities to add to my collection…


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  1. Domo is pretty cute, I might not have been able to resist either! HALLOWEEN ROCKS! Help me think of a costume for this year cuz.

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