Safari Park = Safari-tastic


 So, Saturday a friend and i visited the safari park near Natural Bridge.  Wow.  I mean, you’d think those animals never eat, when, in fact, they eat all day every day!  Before you even drive into the park, camels, emus and llamas are waiting for their feast.  They stick their heads in your car and demand some of the free kibble that is present (not for long) in your white bucket.  Total craziness i tell you – total. 

The park is bigger than i thought it would be, which made me feel better about the animals being contained there.  They also get to roam freely and some even had babies, so they must be happy enough to be doing so well here in southwest Virginia.  The only complaint i did have was for some of the animals not roaming free in the park that had their own cages outside the safari area.  Those animals, i thought, could’ve had more water and trees/shade, including the flamingos.  I mean, they are water birds, afterall.  Two small tubs of water doesn’t suffice in my book. 

On a much lighter note, here are some of the thoughts my friend and i discussed while driving through the park:

  • The park doesn’t have to pay for food for the animals, because that’s what us tourists are for!
  • These animals are like human personalities.  You have the ones that are greedy and want all the food (waiting at the gate at the beginning), and then you have the ones at the middle/end of the park that just don’t really care and are more laid back.
  • I hope that wasn’t a pig we just ran over…
  • Four buckets of feed is hardly enough for a million animals. 
  • Four buckets of feed is hardly enough for a few zebras. They will get their food.  Period.
  • There is no point in taking a shower before you go. Or cleaning your car. Including the inside.
  • The giraffes want nothing to do with you.  Especially when you want to see them the most.
  • Yak!  

Hello Sweet World – zebras are not nice!


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