Geography Lesson – Free of Charge!

After getting home from a long day of work yesterday and cleaning up, i lounged on the couch for much needed laziness.  Well, i don’t know about much needed but i was tired.  Anyway.  I’ve recently watched a ton of episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (yes, i lead an exciting life).  I’m great at Wheel of Fortune, not so much at Jeopardy.  However, the final question on Jeopardy last night was on U.S. Geography, and with my brother majoring in geography, i decided to take a screen shot with my phone and send it to him and see if his hard work at studying is actually paying off.  If you saw Jeopardy last nite, i’m sure you know the answer, but my brother didn’t.  I didn’t.  One contestant didn’t either.

He took a guess and i told him that wasn’t it, then he called wanting to know the answer.  After a few more guesses, i finally told him what it was.  Then, he proceeded to give me a free geography lesson of my own. 

  • Did you know there are two states in the U.S. that touch eight different states?   Those states are Tennessee and Missouri.
  • What state only touches one state?   Maine

Then we discussed Washington State and some others.  It’s just amazing how simple questions like that are unknown about your own country. 

As for the above Jeopardy question, can you guess it?  And no cheating!

So, Sweet World – do you know your geography?



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3 responses to “Geography Lesson – Free of Charge!

  1. Extra Mustard

    (if this posts twice, just delete one)
    Okay, so here are my honest, out the gun guesses:
    1. the Grand Canyon?
    2. the Mariana Trench?
    3. the Chesapeake Bay?
    4. the line of fans waiting for the McRib to come back and stay back?

    Hey I just discovered the band Zero 7. They have a few good tunes!

  2. Apparently not. I’m guessing it’s either a river somewhere or one of the polar ice caps.

  3. hellosweetworld

    It’s actually the Grand Canyon. Good job on your first guess “extra mustard”…hehe.

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