My Car = Bad Luck = Frustration and Aggrivation

So, this morning i was already running late (big suprise there) and walk out to my car and see big white paint marks on my side rear bumper.  Excellent.  My car has been the victim in another hit-and-run in the parking lot of my apartment complex.  This makes it twice in the last few months this has happened.  Thank you irresponsible drivers for owning up to your mistakes – at least leave a note!  What am i thinking?  People don’t leave notes anymore, or own up to their shortfalls.  Welcome to the 21st century. 

The first time was worse than this time.  Whoever did it the first time was driving an SUV or truck and their tailpipe went straight thru my license plate and they also cracked my rear bumper pretty badly.  At least this time it’s just paint i guess.  I’ll definately be checking all the white cars in my parking lot later for my color paint.  This means war!

Other mishaps with my car over the past year include: hail damage where i seem to be the only one that was under that hail storm; a new battery as a result of my car not starting at the Charlotte airport garage after vacation; kids throwing rocks over a telephone line into our work parking lot and you guessed it – a rock hitting my car taking the paint off and leaving a nice dent; and not to mention the check engine light is on for something i can’t afford to get fixed so everytime i pump gas i have to floor the gas pedal and talk nicely to it so it’ll re-start.  Lovely!  I’m so glad i pay car payments each month for all this gratitude my car returns to me. 

So Sweet World – take your car and shove it!


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