Been a few days…..

Yes, it’s been a day or two, or four, since my last post.  Haven’t really been too busy but with the rain and all, i haven’t felt like doing much.  Saturday, however, i did wake up early (suprise!) and check out a couple yard sales and go thrift store shopping.  I got a couple good finds, like a tripod for $1.00 for my camera that i’m stoked about!  I went to a couple shops after that that aren’t too thrifty, like TJMaxx and Rack Room Shoes, and managed to find some things there i like too.  So, needless to say, that’s where most of my paycheck will be going this week.  I rarely ever go shopping so why not treat myself to a couple cheap pairs of shoes and nice shirts?  I mean, all i wear is t-shirts and jeans – i gotta start looking my age and not like i’m still in high school.  That’s a different tangent.  I am excited about my finds and to start looking nicer these days.  With three jobs, i think i deserve it. 

Anyway.  I’m also working on some new photo series that i’m excited about.  I’ll reveal those when the time is right.  For now, here are a few of my favs from when i walked around VA Tech a couple weeks ago:


Hello Sweet World, give me some motivation!



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2 responses to “Been a few days…..

  1. You have three jobs? That is amazing. How do you find time to take those great photos?

  2. hellosweetworld

    The weekends remain pretty free and since i love taking them, i find time. And thanks for saying they’re great!

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