The Wonderful Weekend

This weekend has been jam-packed with goodness, mostly courtesy of the excellent weather.  Yesterday, a friend and i went exploring several places that were definately exciting and must-do’s for the fall time of year.  It made me realize how much i love the month of October.  We started the day with lunch in Blacksburg, then moved on to the Sinkland Farms Pumpkin Festival – yay!  We got to find our way through the corn maze, which we did backwards to avoid the stream of people all going the same direction.  Pictures definately accompanied us along the way but those will be posted in the near future.  We also got to ride to the pumpkin patch and find our own pumpkins for festive carving and/or decorating.  Super exciting!

After the farm, we found our way to the Blacksnake Meadery past Floyd.  Very interesting indeed.  But like i said, wineries and the sort are great fall outings so we had to hit one up.  So, after a belly full of mead, we ate at Oddfellows Cantina in Floyd, which was excellent as always.  Their eclectic food is so good and my tummy was full for sure.  We then headed back to ol’ Blacksburg and topped the evening off with good ice cream!  Yum! 

So far for today, i’ve slept, ate two huge bowls of Cinnamin Toast Crunch and just saw “Nick and Nora’s Infinate Playlist”.  Movies set in New York City make me want to move to New York City.  There may be a trip up there in the near future.  Good movie, too.  As for what i’ll get into next, i have no idea.  It’s a nice day so i may be venturing outdoors for a bit. 

Hello Sweet World, it’s a fun one!


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