This week has been busy, busy and it’s only going to get worse.  Job after job after job…..I guess i shouldn’t complain.  I chose to have this many things going on, and at least i’m getting paid for them.  Some people can’t even find work with the way the economy is right now.  I’ve just been in the most icky mood all week so far.  Just aggrivated and irritable.  Ick!  I just don’t know why, either.  Just too busy…but i guess i really do like it this way. 

And to make things a little exciting, i’ve finally finished my first roll of 120 film in my old brownie camera.  I’ll be dropping it off to be developed today or tomorrow and can’t wait to see how it turned out.  I’m hoping everything is working fine on the camera and i’ll have some good pics to post!  Also, i’ve received a new-old Argus camera that i ordered and can’t wait to start using it and figuring out how it works.  If only i could find the time…….eek! 

So, that’s why, Sweet World, i’ve been full of the newicky!  (newness and icky, all at once!)


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