Apparently i’ve been tagged…..

So, according to Ms. Stampin’ Mom (my cuz) i’ve been tagged to blog about a few random facts about me.  Let’s see, randomness fills my life so where do i start?  Here goes:

  • Since it’s obvious i have a love for photography, what you probably don’t know is that i now have six (6) cameras.  I’m not done yet. 
  • Mustard is the greatest condiment ever.  It gets discriminated against quite frequently.  Hey ketchup – you don’t have a museum, so take that! 
  • I eat Michelina’s Macaroni and Cheese almost everyday i’m at the office.  Hey, i’m on a budget and it’s actually good.
  • I like pin-up girls of the 1940’s and 1950’s and their retro style.  I would love to go back and see what being a teenager in the 50’s would be like.  Hello, drive-in movies and diners.
  • Accupuncture is way better than traditional medicine and pain management.  I haven’t gone in over a year now and i can feel it.  Not good…..  It’s also more than just needles as everyone thinks.  I strongly recommend it to everyone, regardless of the ailment.
  • I’m still pondering where to move to next year.  Florida, Louisville…….point at a map and just go?  No doubt i’ll be figuring it out before July!

So there ya have it.  A few random facts.  I’m sure i could go on and on but i gotta get going for job no. 2 and 2.5. 

There it is Sweet World, more randomness!



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2 responses to “Apparently i’ve been tagged…..


  2. Highly agree with you on the acpuncture. It has made a huge difference in my health.

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