Wow.  What a week already and it’s only Wednesday morning.  I can’t even begin to describe how busy this week is and how i will be throwing a huge party when it’s over.  Well, maybe not a party but i’ll be ecstatic to say the least.  In addition to the busy-ness, one additional occurence (at this point, correct spelling is my last concern) happens each day to add to the madness.  Monday – cable gets cut off (not like i have time to watch it so not a big deal); Tuesday – get pulled over for the dumbest thing in the books.  So far today has been crazy too but i’m waiting to see what the occurence will be for the day. 

Let’s go back to getting pulled over.  Last night after i was finally headed home from my 26.3 jobs, i realize i’m getting pulled over.  Really?  Yes.  I am.  I saw the cop when i passed him and knew i wasn’t speeding (i immediately checked my spedometer and was actually going 5 mph under the speed limit).  He walks up to my window, as they always do, and i start to say how fast i was going and stop myself.  I actually had the brains to think that maybe he knew i wasn’t speeding so let’s rephrase my question.  “What did you pull me over for?”  Here it comes.  “Your front headlight is out, your back tag light is out and your window tint looks too dark.”  Great.  A nice long list of offenses.  I had just replaced my headlight so was suprised when he said that and was thinking how exactly can you tell my window tint is too dark IN THE DARK?! 

He actually gave me a ticket for the headlight, which is total crap because i had no idea.  Why am i getting a ticket for something unknown to me?  I can’t see my headlight when i’m sitting behind the wheel!  On top of that, i get home and inspect my headlight to see what he was talking about and it gets worse.  I have 3 bulbs in my headlight, and only one was actually out.  Two were still lighting my path.  Seriously?!  A ticket for one of 3 bulbs out.  A warning would have been appreciative to let me know but an actual ticket……there were just so many things wrong with his actions.  He also admitted to me that he saw others with their headlights out but didn’t pull them over.  And he never saw my expired inspection either.  Lucky for me i guess. 

Help Sweet World, I think i may have a nervous breakdown today.


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  1. Maybe you should go to court and explain that instead of just paying the fine.

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