And Another Week Begins…..

Yes, it’s Monday again and i’m dragging as usual.  The cold weather makes me want to stay in bed even more.  At least i’m not really traveling too much for work this week and can catch up on reports and the such. 

Anyhow.  This weekend i was supposed to journey to the busy Northern Virginia but with several things going not as planned, i didn’t make it up there.  I’m kinda glad i got to catch up on being lazy and not having to run around like crazy all weekend though.  Saturday i ran some errands and got some things done, then went to a friends house to visit and see the progress of their basement for the big Halloween party this weekend.  It looks awesome and i can’t wait to celebrate the best holiday ever!  We also kinda worked on ideas and layouts for my photo website that is in the works.  Any ideas for a domain/business name?  I think my first and last name is not spunky enough for me.  I’d like it to be creative.  

Sunday was a lazy day for the most part.  Later in the afternoon i went out with a new photography friend to shoot some awesome photos of the Brown Farm/Heritage Park here in Blacksburg.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and i’ll have some of those pics to post this week.  I also got to try for round #2 on my brownie camera because the first roll of film didn’t turn out.  Bummer.  I also finished the roll of film from my argus camera and dropped them off to be developed so i’ll also be waiting for those results.  I hope at least one good pic turns out from that.  I can only wait in anticipation……

So, there’s a quick update.  I know it’s super exciting and all so try not to burst out in song too loud on this Monday. 

Hey Sweet World, at least Monday is now halfway over!


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