Happy Halloween!

Halloween, as most people know, is my fav holiday and it’s finally arrived!  Yay!  I’m feeling much better now at the end of this week than i did at the beginning.  Maybe in part to the holiday, maybe in part to Friday, or maybe in part for other good reasons.  :o)   Thanks for the warm wishes Cuz and CountryDew! 

I’m super excited to carve a pumpkin tonite with a new bud and who knows what else we’ll get into on this All Hallows Eve.  Tomorrow nite is going to be day three (i celebrated last night a little, too) of the Halloween festivities with a party at a couple of my good friends house.  We’ve They’ve already been decorating their basement for this party for at least a month and there’s been lots of planning involved.  I can’t wait to see the final results and enjoy the party.  I’m sure there will be lots of pics involved, on my end at least. 

All i have to do now is get through this exciting Friday so the weekend can begin.  So far today, it’s been quite eventful already.  Here’s some key points that i’ve enjoyed, err that have already occurred today:

  • I saw a witch cleaning windows downtown on the way to work.
  • I realized the man behind me in the Hardee’s drive-thru wasn’t wearing a Bill Clinton mask like i thought once the sun wasn’t glaring in my face any longer.  (Oops!)
  • My brother asked me if i was on drugs at 9:30 am because i was “super texty” this morning.  (His exact words)(And to clarify, i don’t do drugs). 
  • My friend told me that the lady that cuts his hair is coming to the party and bringing 5 friends, of whom he’s never met.  Wow.  I mean, the lady that cuts your hair? 

Happy Halloween Everyone!  It’s gonna be a Sweet World today!



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2 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I hope you had a super-duper Halloween.

  2. Well where’s a picture in your costume cuz? Nice pumpkin too, that must’ve been hard?

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