Just An Update.

Since i’ve been posting lots of pics lately, i guess i’ll give a short update as of late.  The weekend was just peachy, as Saturday, my mom and i went to the chilly Ferrum football game at my alma-mater – Ferrum College.  Despite the chilliness, the leaves were just gorgeous.  It seems this fall has been excellent for the fall coloring.  That night, we ate a delicious dinner at my grandparents and i was glad to visit with them.  Sometimes it’s so suprising how it’s hard to find time to drive just up the road to ‘ol Roanoke. 

Yesterday was my rest day – sort of.  I slept late, which was much needed, got my car washed (i’m sure my car thanks me mucho), worked for a bit, updated sites for a bit, cooked a yummy dinner and rented some movies.  Ahhh!  Relaxation!  I had almost forgotten what that has felt like.  I know my doggie was glad i was home too. 

And in (my) exciting news, my friend and i are working on my freelance photography website so i hope that will be up and running within a week or so!  I’ve also got a potential wedding to photograph in a couple months so i hope that really pans out.  I’ll be attending a small class on digital photography this Thursday and next Thursday so that will also help sharpen my skills.  So many new photography things happening and i’m stoked!  Speaking of, i’m now leaving work early to take advantage of the sunlight with my film cameras to go shoot some pics since yesterday was way to gloomy.  Yay!  I’m sure i’ll have some to share soon enough.  I’ll keep ya updated. 

Hey Sweet World – leaving work early to photograph = my boss leaves for crazier reasons = i’m outta here!


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  1. Photography is always a good reason to get outside!

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