Weird Dreams…Yes, i have them

Just a while ago, i remembered my dream while pulling up the MSN homepage when i saw the video of the hedgehog on the left side of the page.  Odd.  Yes, it is but not as odd as my dream.  I’ll warn you that my dreams are odd/weird and very vivid.  Everyone will think i am just plain crazy need to be admitted once i tell you, but here goes:

I was in college, or at least at my old college, with two of my former professors and we were getting ready to go on a field trip.  We went outside to leave and the big mountain infront of us had dark, stormy clouds – none like i’ve ever seen before, cumulous fluffy type but dark and gray – moving towards us.  Somehow the mountain was similar to the tree-line at my dad’s old house, which came up in my dream but still had the dark clouds.  My professors and I went back inside to wait out the storm before we left.  One band of clouds and wind rolled through, paused for a bit, then another band of clouds and wind came through.  It was a pretty bad storm.  Leaves and trees were everywhere.  Then suddenly, a lemur (yes, a lemur) came through a window and was scared from the storm.  I picked him up and was carrying him around and even noticed that he smelled bad from being out in the storm (this may be the first time i’ve “smelled” anything in a dream).  After i showed him to my professors, i was trying to find the contact information for the local zoo so he could get a home there.

That was the end.  I don’t know anything further about if i found the zoo or even went on the field trip.  I just remember carrying the lemur around.  Now, how in the world did a lemur come into my dreams last night?  I can understand my professors and college since i visited there last weekend, and even the storm since it’s been rainy for the past few days.  I don’t have cable so didn’t see anything on TV about a lemur and don’t recall seeing anything at all online yesterday about one, or even a monkey, or a zoo.  It’s pretty amazing how something so random can be in your unconcious mind.  I wonder what message it’s saying to me?

The only thing i found online by doing a quick search was that dreaming of a lemur can mean this:   

To see a lemur in your dream suggests that someone is trying to trick you. This dream may also symbolize the playful and mischievous side of your own personality, or an immature attitude. To dream of seeing a lemur hanging or swinging from a tree represents being troubled by young ones.

Hmmm.  Interesting. 

Maybe the Wendy’s i had right before bed had something to do with it…….because Wendy’s and lemurs always go hand in hand, right Sweet World?.


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  1. K loves the show Zaboomafoo where the main character is a lemur…maybe you were having one of her deams, hehe. She woke up in the middle of the night last night and threw herself across the bed and wacked her head on the headboard. She was totally out of it and told me this morning that it felt like someone had come out from under her bed and grabbed her. But I couldn’t get her to wake up to save my life…wierd!

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