More Weird Dreams and Lately……

My website is up and running, another camera is on the way, and some film too.  That’s right.  I am now going to try out a 35 mm SLR camera in addition to my seven others.  Well, i have seven other cameras.  Not all of them have been tried out yet.  I still have rolls of film to finish in my argus and brownie cameras.  With the weather gross, it’s kinda hard to take pictures.  I also need to get some shots of families, or kids or pets to get more experienced with that, too.  Really just people in general.  If the weather was so different it could be easier to find people to volunteer time for me to gain experience.  Hopefully soon……because i definately need pics of people on my website.  Next, i may set up an Etsy shop with some of my prints.  We’ll see. 

And let the weird dreams continue.  As much as i’ve slept lately, it’s not suprising i’ve been having weird dreams (i’ve slept 33 hours in 2.5 days).  I remember two from last night.  The first –  my old neighbors who used to live behind me growing up were grown up and living on their own now.  These are girls who were younger than me when they lived near me.  I traveled to their house, which was still the same one from before, but it was made into multiple apartments and i got to see how they lived, which was different.  It was small and cluttered, not at all how they lived growing up.  And why i dreamt about them is also strange, as i haven’t heard from or about them in years.  There goes another subconsious triggered memory in my brain. 

The second – i was at a large school and Obama was getting ready to speak.  Yes, by Obama, i mean our president-elect Obama.  Everyone was lined up and trying to get into the auditorium, while some people thought he was speaking in the gym or another room.  Finally, i went into the crowded auditorium, only to have a really high balcony seat.  But, of course, i had my camera and got to get close to him, which i was trying to take pictures and my camera wouldn’t work or it wanted to use the flash and i didn’t want to use the flash (in reality, my flash and i really aren’t the best of buds).  There was one particular shot i wanted to get when he walked near me and i tried pushing my shutter button so many times and it wouldn’t work.  I was disappointed and then it got dark so i couldn’t really get any pictures.  Then he left.  This dream may come from several Obama bumper stickers i saw yesterday, but not really sure. 

Yes, Sweet World – the weird dreams continue!



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2 responses to “More Weird Dreams and Lately……

  1. Okay, you have switched from blogger to wordpress and I missed this transition!

    Nice website.

    Your dreams are telling you you have a good imagination.

  2. hellosweetworld

    I actually have been on WordPress since the beginning of Hello Sweet World a few months ago. About a year and a half or so ago i used Blogger as another name.


    And i’d say….. :o)

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