Page-a-Day Insight

I have one of those page-a-day calendars on my desk at work of dogs.  Not the 365-day brand one, that one was sold out last year when I tried to find it.  It’s one that’s got some nice photos and they are larger than most page-a-day calendars.  However – yes, there is a however – the sayings they have for the photos on most days are just ridiculous.  Most of them don’t tell you the breed of dog, who owns it, where it resides or any fun-facts on the animal.  Here’s what i mean:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 – has a picture of a dog trying to get through some sort of iron fencing – quote: “It seems this wily dog will go to any lenths to get someone’s attention.” 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 – a picture of a chocolate lab sitting on a porch looking as if someone just interupted his nap – quote: “A sad-eyed Lab keeps vigil on the porch, eagerly awaiting his owner’s return.”

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 – a picture of a mixed breed playing in the water – quote: “Bounding through the still water, this graceful dog is so light on her feet that she barely leaves even a ripple.”

You get the point.  And i’ve been reading these un-informative bits of un-knowlege almost a year now.  I tried to ignore them for a while but it’s almost like you can’t because they’re so pointless and random. 

This reminds me of a report i did in high school of some pictures i took when visiting Curacao.  I didn’t expand explanations or identify plants or species like my teacher wanted.  My quotes may have been similar to my calendar, actually.  But i was in high school, after all, not publishing a national-selling calendar. 

Case-in-point:  I will return to my normal 365-page-a-day calendar next year, which is chocked full of information and at least says where the dog is from and/or what breed it is. 

Guess i better shop early for calendars, Sweet World!


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