First Argus Series: Pumpkins

I know we’re well past October and the whole pumpkin theme, especially since it’s gotten colder, but i finally had time to scan my first photos from my argus camera.  I’d thought i’d share. 





Have a pumpkin-y day, Sweet World!



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2 responses to “First Argus Series: Pumpkins

  1. Beautiful pics cuz…wish I had ‘time’ to go out and take pics too 😉 Trust me, I don’t have any extra time on my hands…i’m constantly busy with the kids activities, etc…watching other kids, and trying to create things for my etsy shop (which is my passion right now, so I make time for it by staying up all night making things).

    Glad you joined SITS…it’s a fun thing finding other blogs!

    Hope you have a great weekend! Love ya!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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