On Holiday…..

First of all, i’d like to give thanks to my cuz for giving me props on her blog and for the super nice comments!  Thanks cuz!  And i still encourage you to go check her out because she has some really cute stuff in her Etsy shop for sale. 

Second, I got to see a really good friend yesterday who drove up from Georgia, partially to see me and partially to get something taken care of in the ‘ol state of VA.  It was nice to see him and there’s definately a plan in the future to go visit him.  Yay for traveling!

Speaking of, tomorrow begins my travels to the southern state of Florida and i cannot wait to be in the warmth and sunshine.  This cold weather has definately made me realize i need a warmer climate to survive.  I think i’ve narrowed my city choices to move to based on this factor.  I need warmth and am definately not a cold-weather girl!

I’ll try to post as much as i can over the next week but it may be sporadic.  I did hear that my dad finally got high-speed internet so it could be easier than i think, if it’s true.  I’ll definately be taking a lot of pics and am sure i’ll post plenty upon my return to the arctic.  Ugh, the thought.  But right now, the thought is sunshine!

So, Sweet World – I’ll leave you with a pic to enjoy! 




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2 responses to “On Holiday…..

  1. Hope you have a great trip!

  2. What a pretty pic! Yeah I need to warmth too…although It’s nice to get a little cold every now and then…now, if we could just get some snow 🙂 Thanks for the thanks, hehe…if that makes sense? Anything for you cuz! Have a great time down there! Hi to the Fam!

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