Travel Mayhem


I made it to sunny mid-70 and 80 degree weather yesterday.  After being cold the whole way here, it was nice to finally warm up.  For a bit, anyway.  Last night i still had my lounge pants and a sweatshirt on for a bit because it is chilly in the evenings.  Today is just simply gorgeous, without a cloud in the sky, so i thought i’d rub it in just a little.  :o)  I know, i’m harsh but you’d do it too if you were on vacation. 

However, i didn’t make it here without some craziness and confusion.  After waking up an hour-and-a-half later than planned to leave for the airport, i rushed out the door and finally made it on the road for my three hour journey to the airport.  I got stuck in traffic 15 miles outside the city and thought i might be in trouble if it was going to be stop-n-go for the next 15 miles.  Luckily, it cleared up and i made it to the parking lot about an hour-and-a-half before my flight left. 

Upon boarding the shuttle at the parking lot, i realized i left my itinerary in the car and opted not to go back and waste time to get it.  There was one problem – i couldn’t remember what airline i was taking.  When i got off the shuttle, i first went to the wrong airline to check in.  How embarassing.  After that, i did the smart thing and actually called my Dad and asked him.  He was telling me to calm down but apparently i was worrying him to death because after we would get off the phone, he’d call my step-mom and she’d have to tell him to calm down.  And after leaving way late and then not remembering my information, i’m sure he was concerned about my state of mind.  Frankly, i was worried about my state of mind.  I was a wreck and it wasn’t even time for take-off yet. 

Long story short, i made it on time and everything worked out.  I just can’t believe i was such a mess this time.  I’m usually more organized and sane than i was yesterday. 

So, Sweet World, the organized can still be disorganized.



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2 responses to “Travel Mayhem

  1. Hey cuz, I’m so glad you made it safe (organized or not, hehe). And thanks for rubbing it in, hehe…catch some rays for me and have a blast!

  2. Well, we’re having freezing rain. Glad you made it. I’m 48 and I still get nervous in the airport, especially alone.


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