Made it back….


I made it back safe and sound to the just-plain-cold Commonwealth state on Monday.  I was greeted with snow and ice.  Yay……not.  Anyways.  Of course i didn’t make it back without a story, and of course, the story is centered around the airport.  The plane ride was fairly bumpy because of the wind upon descending and i’m just glad the pilot knew how to handle the situation.  But of course after landing and claiming my luggage, the fun began in attempts to get my car and i re-united.  I got on the daily parking shuttle instead of the long term shuttle first and had a nice tour of the daily parking lot at the airport.  Then, when the nice lady dropped me back off at the shuttle pick-up area, i got on the long term 2 shuttle instead of the long term 1 shuttle.  And then i realized i didn’t know which letter i was parked near.  You seriously can’t take me anywhere.  And obviously, i can’t take myself anywhere either. 

When i parked before the trip, i caught the shuttle in an aisle of the parking lot, not near a lettered shelter so i didn’t even think of looking for the closest one.  And how am i really supposed to remember a week later where i parked?  I really could’ve sworn it was long term 2.  Thankfully, the airport has employees who search for lost cars when given license plate numbers and it was found.  At least i remembered part of my license plate number or i might still be searching for my car.  Turns out i was in long term 1, section “S”.  Who knew?   Next time, i will not be flying out of that airport, i’ll make sure of that.  Because obviously, i can’t function there.  I mean really Sweet World, i’m a small town girl, what do you expect? 



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2 responses to “Made it back….

  1. Too funny! I would have been so frustrated by that point. I’m glad you are back, safe and sound!

  2. Ha, sounds like me…must run in the family 🙂

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