A Black Friday Excursion


On Black Friday, for the first time ever, i went along with my brother and step-mom to shop be part of the mayhem that makes the day.  However, we didn’t wake up at 4 am for the festivities.  We started at midnight.  That’s right everyone – midnight.  One of the huge outlet malls in Florida opened at midnight and we were there and ready to roll. 

You wouldn’t believe the people lined up and just bursting at the seams to get in the building before it opened.  And the lines for Brandsmart, a huge discount electronic store, was over four hours long just to get in the store!  That didn’t even count browsing and check-out time (which was rumored to be two hours long).  I can’t imagine anything that important, or even leftover, to stand in a line like that.  The line was wrapped around the building.  Completely amazing. 

There were some great sales.  A lot of the stores were 50% off everything in the store (even clearance).  Some stores, though, were only 20% or 15% off.  That’s not enough to validate shopping at midnight for me.  Actually, nothing really is enough to validate shopping at midnight for me.  I just went along for the experience.  But not to say i didn’t purchase anything.  And i did help my brother out while standing in a 45-minute line at Banana Republic while he shopped (he needed, and definately got, work clothes for his new job).  He also lost, and re-gained, one of his shopping bags in the process.  The night was definately eventful to say the least.


The three of us shopped until 7 am that Black Friday morning and we were exhausted.  We got to see my dad off to work before crashing for a six hour nap.  And later, we were back at the mall for a few things. 

Hey, Sweet World – I think i’ve had enough shopping to last for a year or two a lifetime.



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5 responses to “A Black Friday Excursion

  1. Yikes. I can’t imagine shopping at that time of night! I don’t even watch TV that time of night!

    Although I might be up playing a video game…

  2. My mom and I shopped for 14 hours on Black Friday. Craziness! It was fun though.

  3. HOLY COW…if I’m gonna get up at midnight to shop…they better be PAYING ME to take their stuff home! But then I’m not much of a shopper…I like sitting in my puter chair and ordering presents on-line.

  4. i’ve never hit black friday sales…i don’t know if i have the guts. it would actually probably bring out my nasty side… and you wouldn’t want to see that! 🙂

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