Contrasting Elements

I’m working on submitting some photos to a juried art show with the theme “Contrasting Elements.”  I’m having a little trouble with the concept.  I know what contrast is, but when you throw “elements” in the mix, it sounds to me to be a little more complicated than just contrast.  I’ve asked a couple people what it means to them and they came up with black and white, America vs. 3rd world country, fire and ice, and the like.  However, to capture those in photography would require much travel and planning before the January 31, 2009 deadline for submissions.  I don’t want to just submit a black and white photo, or a photo with contrasting colors.  I want it to be more of the “elements” that include the contrast.  I have a couple ideas, which also may be a little too hard to accomplish.  I also have a few photos that could suffice, but just don’t do it for me.  I need something that’s missing, some underlying message or “element”.  Am i making this too complicated?  I’m sure there’s contrasting “elements” around me everyday.  I just need to see them and capture them to illustrate the theme correctly.   

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “contrasting elements”? 

Hey Sweet World – I would really appreciate your input and suggestions!



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5 responses to “Contrasting Elements

  1. Hmmm.. winter and summer? Snow on a beach?

  2. I think of two things that are opposites. Like nature and something industrial. A bolt lying on a trail covered with pine needles. A loaf of bread and a balloon. Clay and feathers. A bird sitting on a coil of chains. Shadows and a flashlight. Air and fire. Rain in a desert. Electricity and baby powder. Hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck!


  3. Yeah, I’m thinking…contrast…I like the snow on a beach idea from Andrea! You get the elements in their too…like sand a snow…hmmm? Get some shells which I’m sure you’ve collected and make some sort of a scene in the first snow we get!

  4. Extra Mustard

    wow, this is an interesting concept. Here are some quick images that pop into my mind:

    –a couple kissing in a crowded room

    –a woman silhoutted by a bonfire while drinking a cold beverage

    –an overhead shot of birds that are on the ground

    –a burned out lightbulb on pavement

    –a woman struggling with an umbrella an a clear but windy day

    Good luck!

  5. hellosweetworld

    Wow. Thanks everyone for the creative input. I really like all these ideas and i’m sure i’ll post what i come up with when i do. Thanks again so much!

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