The Blechs and More Randomness

Today fits into the “just one of those days” category.  It’s been raining (or at least not sunny) all week now and i’m feeling it.  I’ve got the rainy day blues!  It seriously has been pouring all day long and if you don’t believe me, just check out the radar for the whole east coast at the weather channel.   Yuk, yuk, blech!  I’m starting to wonder if the sun even exists anymore.  Hello Sun – are you out there?  I miss you!

Since i’m really just in an in-between mood, i’ll just post some random things today.  They may have to do with me, you, or most likely nothing in particular.  Here goes!

  • There’s only 14 days until the big Holiday.  Are you getting anxious yet?
  • I, for some reason, followed a link on yesterday to a video of a turkey being “sacrificed” behind Palin as she gave an interview because i really had no idea what it was.  I am now very disturbed and can’t even shake the image.  At least i didn’t have the sound on.  And where is PETA when you need them?  (I had to share. I can’t stop thinking about it. Eek!)
  • Check out the new blog links i’ve added to my Blogroll.  There’s some excellent reads there and i’m probably going to be adding more as i stumble across them!   It’s so exciting finding new blogs.
  • I’d like to give “props” to my cousin StampinMom for recommending Tombow Adhesive for my photo projects.  I will now go to her for any crafting advice i have.  She’s a crafting genious!
  • The other night, my dog was laying on my bed staring at my cell phone on the bedside table, which was plugged into the charger.  I slyly got a hold of the charger cord and started moving my cell phone.  My dog went nuts barking and growling and jumping around!  It was hilarious.  (Is it sad that this is the highlight of the week thus far?)
  • I made some chili over the past weekend from scratch, no recipe involved.  I just added the contents together (macaroni, tomato sauce, kidney beans, jalapenos, chili powder, cheese), seasoned to taste and it was so delicious.  Not to be bragging or anything….hehe.
  • I’m thinking of applying to grad school for photography.  Part of me wants to.  But part of me doesn’t want to.  I don’t want to hate what i love by doing it so much.  And i almost think i don’t have to have a degree to do what i love.  Both sides are conflicting each other.  Help!?

Well Sweet World – it wasn’t an exciting post but at least it’s something on this dreary Thursday on the east coast.  Stay dry!



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5 responses to “The Blechs and More Randomness

  1. Extra Mustard

    It’s funny how the same thing can have a dramatically different impact from person to person.

    I love the rain.
    I love the texture of a cloudy sky. The clouds almost makes the sky look lower, yet their still so high up that it doesn’t lose it’s sense of expansiveness.
    I love that I can feel the power of thunder in my bones. It’s one of the few times I can safely experience a sense of being a part of the almighty mother nature project in all it’s massive danger.
    I love the feeling of awe I get when I see beautiful lightning streaking across the sky. Though the electricy strikes with a random chaos, it’s amazing to me that it’s actually following a very logical and organized pattern of positive to negative electron flow.
    I love that everything is cast in gray from extended cloud cover. Those colors that are usually vibrant get to take second seat to other tonal patterns that might go otherwise get unnoticed (and probably still do by most).
    I love that the landscape and everything on it looks shiny with a crystalic blur from being coated with moisture.
    I love the rain drops dripping in elongated cylinders from the roof of my porch. I can find myself slightly mesmorized for a couple of minutes watching them as they rythmatically put on a show.
    I love the sound of the rain on my roof as I lay in bed. I’ve put my bed on the top floor so I can lay there and here the waves of rain, sometimes light, sometimes hard. I like to think about how that strong sound surrounding me is actually the combined effort from billions of tiny water droplets. I wouldn’t be able to hear one, or two, or probably even a hundred. But when they work together, it sounds like a beautiful orchestra.

    Now of course I wouldn’t want it to rain all the time, nor would I even want it to rain a lot, for I also love my sunny days too! I think I enjoy the rain so much because of the fact that it is seldomly here.

    Well, this is just me and I guess I’m just weird like that.

    Gotta go, miss ya!

  2. You’re right…it was an awful day here in the East. Just a cold yucky rain! Even my dogs didn’t want to go outside long enough to do their business! I was laughing about the cell phone…isn’t if fun to mess with their heads…cuz you know they’re gonna love you know matter what!

  3. Yeah I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks….ahhhh!

    Disgusting about Palin and the turkey…glad you didn’t link it b/c I would have looked and don’t want to 🙂

    Isn’t Nikki at Blah, Blah, Blah Blog a hoot? Love her doggie conversations!

    Thanks for the shout out cuz…glad it worked out for you! Now if I can just get my cards started!

    Funny about Zorro, I can just imagine, hehe.

    Chili sounds yummy, I have a good recipe too…made some last Friday and had it all week for lunch, yummy! And then made mac & cheese & mixed them together and it was sooo yummy!

    And no, I wouldn’t recommend grad school for photography! I know I’m supposed to be supporting education, hehe…but you already have a great degree. All a grad degree will do is get you more money (or less after paying for school, however you want to look at it) & I can’t imagine that people will ask if you have a grad degree before you take their picture 😉 I say follow your dream of photography and if that’s where it leads you then more power to ya…but I wouldn’t rush into it 🙂

    Cheer up too…rain could make for some good pics!

  4. Yep, it’s raining here too. And yes, I’m freaking out and stressed to the max. We’ve got an audit at work next week, so I’m trying to run around and make sure my files are up to par. Then next week I have to scour my house b/c we have company coming the following weekend, and a houseguest after christmas. geesh…. so many things to do: baking, finish my crafts, clean… I am stressed just thinking about it!

  5. hellosweetworld

    Guess it’s just that time of year! And the sun is actually out today so it does still exist! Yay!

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