Oh Sun, How I Love Thee!

After this trecherous (not just because of the rain, because some lady almost hit me while failing to pay attention to turn lanes and road markings – she wasn’t in a turn lane but turned anyway)  journey home from work last nite:



I made it through the 2nd job and monsoon, only managing to be drenched halfway and not all the way.   That was lucky, considering i had to paddle to and from work and swim to my car. 

I woke up this morning to an unusual light illuminating parts of my bedroom wall through my make-shift curtains (this consists of two blankets covering my window).  Could it be?  Sun, is that you?  Is it really you? 

YES!  The sun is shining today after five days of darkness, five days of despair.  I could even care less that it’s cold and windy because the sun is actually out!   I really have no idea why it’s been hiding so much this fall and winter.  It’s terrible.  Sun, you’re terrible.  I love you and you shouldn’t hide from me!

Anyway.  I may be going a little “sun” crazy at the moment.  At least it’s Friday.  And according to the weather, the sun is “supposed” to shine until at least Tuesday.  Oh wait, that’s the one day i’ll be outside for work.  Oh, Perfect.   There you go again, Sun.  Sheesh!  Why do you hate me so?

Think positive.  I have a photo session tomorrow i’m super-psyched about and this morning, the cute neighbor did say hi to me on the way to my car.  I think things are looking up.  See what the sun can do?!  (No, i don’t have Seasonal Affective Disorder at all………). 

Oh, and this image is on my desk calendar today, which is simply genious.  I think someone stole my dog for this photo (Yes, my dog looks just like this but no, i do not dress him in hooded items.  He only has one article of clothing, and it’s for snow, with no hood).


Hey Sweet World – think you can make the sun shine a little bit more these days?  (Thanks for letting it shine today, and hopefully this weekend!)



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3 responses to “Oh Sun, How I Love Thee!

  1. That is so cute! Love the picture. The sun is shining here as well. Are we in the same state?

  2. Woo hoo, GOOD LUCK with your photo session…let me know how it goes! Cute pic of Zorro…hehe, j/k!

  3. While I miss the sun, too, we really needed the rain – and need more of it. The drought conditions have not been good for the farm.

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