I’ll probably post a “real” post later today but for now i just wanted to do a quick update (considering i’m at work and have to leave to go out in the field in a few….hehe).  After a mostly sunny weekend, the sun is gone again.  Bummer.  It is a little warmer outside today, but it is kinda breezy. 

My holiday shopping is becoming more complete and i only have a few things left to pick up.  Yay!  My cards have been made and sent out – another yay!  And more prints have been ordered and more cards are in the works for my Etsy shop – extra yay!  Things are finally coming together. 

Oh, and the photo session (my first one, which were engagement photos for a super great couple) went really well on Saturday.  We hiked the Cascades and took mucho (and i mean over 1,400 pictures mucho) photos along the trail and by the falls.  It was really pretty with the snow and ice for the back drop.  I may post a couple of my favs sometime this week.  I’ve spent a lot of time editing and weeding out the not-so-good photos and am now down to about 900 photos – still!  The couple will definately have ones to choose from for their cards and website. 

Oky dok….now off to visit a site.  Blech!   Happy Monday (or as happy as a monday can be) Everyone!



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4 responses to “Quickness…

  1. i’m sure they will be very happy with 900 photos! i honestly feel you can never have enough photos when trying to capture an important event. i would have taken a million photos from my wedding if i could have had them!

    now if only i can get motivated to finish my holiday shopping….

  2. yay for you almost being ready for Christmas…I’m so not, hehe! I’m glad the photo shoot went well…sounds like a beautiful scene! I’m excited for you to get photo cards in your shop…I think they’ll do well! And you should definitely join the Etsyblogger street team when membership opens up again in February…they are fun! Oh, and I got your card…way cute 😉

  3. You are so on the ball! I just ordered my cards tonight. I’m glad to hear your shoot went so well!

  4. HOLY MOLEY 900 pictures to choose from! They have to be thrilled! I’m sure the hardest part will be narrowing it down. I can’t wait to see the ones you post…get em up there girl!

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