Drum Roll Please….!

Here they are.  Some of my favs from the engagement session with the gorgeous couple that i trekked up a mountain with in the snow and ice to get the gorgeous backdrop.  I’m so glad i met them and got to experience their joy!







And there were tons more.  I narrowed it down to over 600 photos so they definately have a choice of their favs.  Congrats guys!



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4 responses to “Drum Roll Please….!

  1. OH what an adorable couple! I love the 3rd and 4th one…but they are all lovely!!!

  2. those are some great shots. they look so happy! and in regards to your post above this one…don’t worry about the camera addiction…i love pictures and cameras and i bet a lot of other people do. one day, i hope to take a photography class so that all my picture taking may produce some even better pictures! 🙂

  3. OMG cuz, I’m just getting around to catching up…these turned our GREAT! You go girl…love them! Jack and I have had the flu 😦 Hoping the girls don’t get it for Christmas. Hope you are well! Can’t wait to see ya this weekend!

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