More Photo Stuff….

And i’m sure it bores you guys but i have so much photo stuff going on it’s just amazing.  Got the first prints back from my Brownie camera and my Minolta.  Both film.  It only took 2 rolls in my Brownie camera for some to turn out, and only a few did.  It took 5 rolls for my Minolta but that was operator error.  I couldn’t figure out how to load the film (ok, so maybe i’m just dumb) and then when i figured that out, i couldn’t figure out how to get it out without ripping it when winding it back.  Thank goodness for free expired film i could experiment with. 

I did inventory last night of my cameras.  I now have 10.  That’s right – ten!  I got two more at the Goodwill in Bedford (over an hour away from where i am) at the beginning of the week.  That store is a mine for old cameras.  Must visit there more often.   One i don’t think i can get film for and the other currently has an experimental roll in it.  Anyhow.  Six cameras i currently have operate, three are hard to get film for and one is currently being tested.   And i have so many more on my list to purchase.  Can you say fetish?  That’s right, i have a camera fetish.  I’m sure you knew that already.  And i’m sure it’s not as exciting for you as me. 

So, now it’s off to the office luncheon to eat lots of food!  Here are some more pics (of course) to hold you over til next time.  

Thanks, Sweet World, for putting up with my camera addiction!





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3 responses to “More Photo Stuff….

  1. Wow, 10 cameras? I can’t figure out my 1.

  2. I’m lucky to be able to even turn my little digital on!!! Love the pics…it looks like a grain silo…very cool.

  3. Your photos are great. I have looked through several of your posts. The photos of the couple are beautiful.

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