So it’s past….

Another Christmas holiday has come and gone, with New Year’s in the very near future.  My Christmas holiday was actually pretty good, once i got past the Christmas Eve part (oh, and the visiting lots and lots of pets part too).  Good food was had, gifts were given and time was well spent with family.  And Saturday was good too, as it was almost a repeat of the big day when more family arrived for the weekend.  At least i got to see some family and create more memories, and of course, stay way busy with all the pets i’m looking after (in addition to the regular jobs too). 

So, the New Year is quickly approaching and i haven’t even had much time to think about it.  Once it’s here, there are some things that i need to work on or get done.  Here’s the list (these are not resolutions but rather a list of what i need to work on or get done):

  • Exercise more – it’s so hard to get motivated and i really just want to get moving more often, not necesarily lose weight (although that never hurts).
  • Move – that’s right, move out of this small college town that tends to suck you in faster than you can escape.  Any suggestions?  Haha.  (I haven’t really pin-pointed an exact place to move to yet, although i’d rather go south than north because i just simply cannot take the cold to well.)
  • Not be so angry all the time – people tend to annoy me or just plain make me angry by lying, stealing, cheating, being rude, etc.  I need to learn to let that negative energy go!
  • Save more money – to move, of course.  That’s gonna take a little dough to get re-situated.
  • Further my photography – now did you really think this list wouldn’t have something about photography on it?  I want to take a class and also really work hard at getting my business out there and on the map (where ever it is i end up). 
  • Work only one job and then do my photography on the side – no part time 2nd job, no more pets, just simply work and then take photographs.  Sounds so easy….

That’s right Sweet World, these are exciting things to work on and change this year, let’s see if i make it through, and make it through any of them!

Have you thought about your 2009 to-do list yet?



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4 responses to “So it’s past….

  1. I hope you’re able to accomplish everything on your list. I’ve never made a New Years resolution or list. I just do what I can and am happy with the results. Of course I’ve always been a laid back slacker lol

  2. My daughter and her boyfriend got stuck in Delaware because they’d been going to Rowan University. Now they can’t get away because they both have jobs in their field (graphic arts.)

    I don’t know where you’re at, but come down here to southern Virginia. The city of Roanoke just built the most spectacular multi-million dollar art museum and there are many galleries and artsy things. Also in the city of Lynchburg. And it’s gorgeous down here–so pretty it looks fake. Plus it’s dirt cheap. However, especially now with the economy being so bad, jobs are scarce.

    Glad you’re working on not being angry. That’s a great resolution.


  3. Yeah cuz, like that you are working on those things! It was great to spend some time with you Saturday…need to do that more. Can’t wait for you to come visit in a few weeks 🙂 And yes, I still get angry at things sometimes but quickly remember you can’t do anything about them most of the time so might as well, just suck it up and smile or try to let it go…good one to work on, but hard! Glad you had a good Christmas too! Just posted about how I spent my Michaels GC…thanks again, hehe 😉

  4. i hope you new year is everything you want it to be. good luck with your goals/resolutions!

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