Weird Food Combinations

As i was eating lunch today at the office (the usual Michaelina’s Mac and Cheese), i was looking for something to add to it to give a little extra flavor.  Usually with the Mac and Cheese i add hot sauce (Taco Bell packets i’ve stocked up on), ranch dressing or plain mustard to add a little flavor.  Today, since i was burnt out on the hot sauce and didn’t have the other two ingredients, i added honey mustard (from Chick-fil-A) for that extra zing.  Weird, i know.  But it was tasty.  And it actually got me thinking about what weird eating habits i have. 

I think everyone has their favorites when it comes to eating.  Condiments are definately a plus for me.  I love mustard and really can eat it on just about anything.  In elementary school, my teacher nicknamed me the “mustard queen” because i used to get the packets and eat them plain right then and there.  True story.   My dad now knows to have French’s mustard in stock while i’m visiting and not the store brand (i can be thrifty sometimes but my mustard has to be French’s).  I don’t like mayonnaise and ketchup has grown on me, but it has to be mixed with mustard for me to eat it.  I love barbeque sauce, honey mustard, other dipping sauces, salsa, and have grown to also like ranch a lot too.  I think these things enhance the taste of food so much more than if a food item is eaten plain.   If a barbeque restaurant has multiple sauces, i’ll get them all, not just one of them.  It just makes life better  :o)

Here are some of my other weird combinations (yes, these things were eaten together)  i’ve been known to gobble down with no problem:

  • Barbeque chips or cheetos and mustard
  • Lebanon bologna (similar to salami) and sweet pickles
  • Cucumber and cheddar cheese
  • Chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and honey mustard mixed or ranch and hot sauce mixed
  • My last weeks combination rice (lots of random spices – curry, cinnamon, chili powder, pepper) with italian dressing
  • Quesadilla with ranch dressing and salsa
  • Plain cheese with mustard, turkey with mustard….just about anything with mustard. 

I can’t really think of too much more right now but i’m sure i can add to the list if i really tried.  What, Sweet World, are your weird food combos?



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9 responses to “Weird Food Combinations

  1. I can’t stand mustard and I LOATHE ketchup. LOL. I do love mayo though… eat it on everything.

  2. Ha ha, I don’t think I’ve had ANY of those combos!!! Go for it with your mustard self!!!!


  3. I LOVE MUSTARD too (but you already knew that

  4. You sound just like my hubby. He will cook up brown rice and then put barbque sauce, Italian dressing, some chipolte mustard and a green olives and mix it all together. If we don’t have all of those then he’ll just throw some other random crap in EWWWW….I don’t know how he stands it! I am with you on one thing. I love French’s mustard on just about anything.

  5. Mine is ranch. The kind that you make with the mix and add buttermilk and mayo. I don’t really care for the kind in the bottle, but it will do in a pinch. I put ranch on everything. All meats, bread, sandwiches, fries, chips, rice, just about anything.

    I’m not crazy about mustard on many things. I do have to have it on corndogs by the bucket load though. That is the only way I can eat one.

    Happy eatting.

  6. I’m pretty dull and don’t eat too many weird things. Probably comes with age.

    Happy New Year!

  7. there’s an award for you on my blog!

  8. i don’t eat too many weird things…i’ve been sitting here trying to think…and really i don’t! i used to like mustard, but stopped using it. i really on use ketchup (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) on things, but really, i only use it on french fries (and i douse the french fries with the ketchup). i will sometimes use ranch on items, but not a lot.

    i guess i have pretty boring eating habits, which i think i got from my dad, who did not like spices in his food. he liked everything made plain, and if you wanted spices/seasoning, you added it yourself.

  9. hi! i found you from a comment you left on Wolf’s blog. I too put mustard on everything. It started in high school when the ketchup that they served was foul. I would dip my fries in mustard instead….one day I dropped my chocolate chip cookie (they had these really big soft ones) in the mustard….I was starving so I tried it anyway, and it was DELICIOUS! the rest of my senior year, that was lunch. Giant cookie, mustard. mmm…memories.

    I eat a lot of weird combos, my dad’s from England and they have a whole host of condiments and flavor combos. Heinz baked beans on toast with a little cheddar cheese on top is my fav. It’s also good with a little mustard.

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