the UPS man, whom i’ve never seen before, walked in the office, started past my door but turned to look directly at me to sign for the package.  Fine, ok.  Then, he proceeded to say “I think it’s yours anyway.”  It was.  And i confirmed it with him that it was. After signing, i told him my last name because they usually ask, and i thought he would since i’ve never seen him before.  He replied “I think i figured that out.”  Wow.  Not only was he a smart a$$ UPS man, but he knew who i was even before i signed or accepted the package.  I seriously had never seen this guy before.  Usually our UPS man is grumpy and loud.  This one was nice, aside from the smart a$$ part, and psychic maybe?  I just find it odd that he knew who i was.  Strange indeed.  I guess i was sleeping at my desk (or lost in blog land) the days he has come in our office.  But that’s not suprising. 

Speaking of psychics, my friend gave me a tarot card reading New Year’s Eve for the new year and it was pretty true to my life right now.  I know these things are for fun and are applied to life as you see fit, but i was excited to hear that things will be getting better, especially on the job front.  Several things since then have kind-of hinted towards something new coming my way.  Oh, please.  I would love that.  After the latest office drama, i’m so ready to escape the nest – and quickly.  But, back to the tarot, this card has made itself known several times since New Year’s Eve, just in suttle ways and through things i’ve seen since:


I hope sharing this doesn’t hinder it or anything but i just feel like i should.  This card symbolizes new beginnings, opportunity, good things coming, happiness, rebirth, growth and many more positive symbols.  This just reinforces that 2009 will be a good year for me and that it’s going to get better every day.  I sure hope so because the last two years have been the hardest of my life!  I still have some important decisions to make, which won’t be easy but at least a simple tarot card reading has made me feel all the better, even if it is just for fun. 

Hey Sweet World, it might be a good year after all!



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4 responses to “Somehow…

  1. i’ve never had a tarot card reading…except maybe when i was in grade school at one of our carnivals…

    our UPS guy tried to claim that our dog bit him…even though i was standing right there and our dog definitely didn’t touch him. it would have served him right though, for going 40 mph down our driveway when he knows we keep our dogs out and he could hit them with his speedy ways…

  2. I hope your new year is indeed sunny.

  3. i’ve also never had a tarot card reading… wonder what mine would say? i hope 2009 does bring you amazing things.

  4. I have Tarot cards. Now I’m in the mood to read them. Haven’t done that in a long time. Glad you had a great reading! They’re fun. And such pretty artwork.

    My dog loves my UPS man. He tries to get in the truck with him. The UPS man brings him treats. I don’t know his name. But the dog does…


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