An Etsy Day – or two.

Yesterday and today, i’ve added several things to my Etsy shop for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve tried to be creative with my photos and somehow incorporate the holiday in them.  Aside from taking actual photos of hearts and Valentine’s things, i’ve come up with some other crafty ideas to add to my shop.  Feel free to stop by and check it out.  Let me know whatcha think.  Even though i haven’t sold anything yet (going on two months now), i’m still confident that one day i’ll make a sale.  I’m sure seasonal items will help with this also.

I’ve also made my first 3 etsy purchases over the past two days as well.  Yay!  I love looking at other people’s crafts and seeing what they have to offer.  There’s tons of great stuff on Etsy, for sure!  Here’s what i picked up:

  • Valentine deer note card and stationary set from alidesign


  • Friendly forest paper pack from janesays



(Above photos courtesy of each individual seller)

Aren’t these the cutest things?!  And for some reason, i now have an obsession with little forest creatures.  But you couldn’t tell based on my purchases now could you? 

So Sweet World, go check out the many crafty things Etsy has to offer, as well as the above sellers and my hellosweetworld shop.  It doesn’t hurt to look!



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2 responses to “An Etsy Day – or two.

  1. i’ve looked at your shop a few times but never purchased until today. 🙂

    i’ve thought about opening an etsy shop and haven’t done it yet. maybe one day soon!

  2. Oh for the love of adorable! Those deer cards have me quite tickled. I may just have to leap over to etsy and snatch them up!

    Thanks for the post (and thanks for stopping by my blog last week! So nice to have you. Please come anytime!)

    Happiest Wednesday!

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