It’s cold.  But if you live in the eastern portion of the U.S., you probably already knew that.  It was 16 degrees this morning at 8:30 and is currently in the lower 20’s.  Ouch.  Tomorrow night is supposed to be between “0 and 5 degrees” so the weatherman stated on the radio this a.m. Double ouch.  I can’t even image those who live in the northeastern U.S. who are in 20 below weather.  How does one function at that point?  I don’t think my car would, so therefore i wouldn’t either.  I’d definately be moving somewhere south ASAP if i were any further north.  Stay warm!

And just an update on my polaroid submissions, as a few of you wanted to know which ones i actually submitted to the competition.  Here are the ones i sent: 


I know they might not be much and it’s kind-of odd that i took them on the same day at the same park but we’ll see what happens.  One can only try i guess  🙂

Other than that, there’s not much happening in the Sweet World homefront today.  I’m just working and crafting and trying to get my photography business jump-started.  And, of course, trying to stay warm!  I suggest you do the same!



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6 responses to “Hmmmm…

  1. Yeah it’s freakin’ cold out….brrr! I NEED to go to the store for my party tomorrow but don’t want to drag the kids out again, hehe.

    Cute pics cuz…can we vote still?

  2. I am SO glad we’re missing out on the cold streak in the Midwest. Although they say there’s a cold streak here, it’s not so bad except when the wind picks up.

    Oh and thank you for your comment, so sweet. I, too, like old cemeteries. During the day. Not by myself. Very cool. Dusk or night settle in, I’m OUTTA there! haha

  3. With wind chill today it was -5…yes thats a MINUS…and tonight it is supposed to hit zero…and then it’s supposed to get COLDER! They are saying 5 degrees for a HIGH tomorrow…BRRRRRR why on earth do I live in New England??? good luck with the contest…I have my fingers crossed for you!

  4. That is about what the weather here has been too. I am one to stay inside when it gets this cold. I too could not live any further north, or I would probably not leave my house all winter.

    Great pics.

  5. You must live near me…It’s sneaking up on 5 degrees as we “speak”!

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