There are no words for what just happend to my co-worker while trying to make a call to another business.  Simply hysterical.  I thought anyway. 

He dials the number and after a few seconds, hangs up the phone while claiming “whoa”.  I immediately said something about him dialing a “bad number” and that $2.99 will be deducted from his next paycheck for the call. 

We were laughing so hard that he could barely tell me what it was.  Finally, here’s what went down:

A woman’s voicemail stating “I’m not here right now but if you’d like to leave a message, i’ll get back to you.  If you’d like to leave a sexy message, i’ll get back to you sooner.”

I was laughing even harder after he disclosed that information.  Who knew a simple call to the water company would turn into the funniest event of the day?   He said he wasn’t able to leave a sexy message with me in the room and now he’ll know who to call if he gets lonely. 

It may not be much, Sweet World, but i thought it was simply hilarious.  I guess it’s one of those “ya had to be there” moments.  Oh well……



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  1. Laughter in the workplace makes it all worthwhile. I popped over from your comment on Shutter Sisters and am off to check out your Etsy shop now!

  2. that is funny! today my co-worker’s husband was playing a prank of his friend. he placed an add on craigslist advertising for a free fruit basket (don’t ask, it is apparently something dirty) and posted the co-workers numbers. i called and said “yes, i’m calling about the craigslist add for a free fruit basket?” and the guys were laughing so hard they were crying. I didn’t get it, but at least they found it funny.

  3. Oh, my goodness! I was just stopping by from SITS, and this has got to be the funniest telephone oops EVER!

  4. What’s the world coming too ;-0


  5. Debbie

    That IS funny! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World…just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up!

  6. hmm… wonder what her occupation was?

    actually, i once worked as a telemarketer…i am not meant for that kind of work, but the pay was good and it was a summer job so i decided to make myself do it…

    one time a guy i called started telling me i had a nice voice (i have an awful voice on the phone) and wondered how old i was. we weren’t supposed to, but i hung up on him. it was weird…

  7. Oh, that is funny. I love when I get a good recording. It’s like a good TV commercial. Makes it worth it.


  8. Hi – thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    That was pretty funny – I love when the voicemail recordings are unique and not just the same old bore.

  9. That is histerical!!! I would just love to hear the messages people leave her!

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