Question Post….

I thought i’d try something new today.  If it works, maybe i’ll try it every week with a different photo. 

I took this photo a few weeks ago and it seems to speak to me, but i don’t know exactly what it says yet it says a lot at the same time.  What do you feel when looking at this photo?  What does it say to you? 



Thanks for participating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Sweet World!



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6 responses to “Question Post….

  1. Nice photo. It says serenity to me. It looks very quiet. But a little creepy. I would be waiting for something to jump out and grab me. LOL!

  2. Yeah, totally creepy…it says, “RUN FOREST, RUN… or HELP ME!!…..haha, okay, I’ll stop now. Good pic though 😉 Oh and no rush on the tags!

  3. this actually makes me think of a movie. or a picture of the olden days for some reason. i have no idea why…

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! Love your photography, have always been drawn to shot and love black & whites!
    This photo initially gives me an eery feeling then my eyes begin to study the contrast between the bright and dark. Lovely photo!

  5. It actually makes me kind of sad. It feels like you’re in the photo which is a pretty cool effect. But it makes me feel like I have no safe place to go.

  6. Jen

    thanks for stopping by my blog…
    I get cold looking at this…like bone chilling walking into work too early in the dark morning in a -23degree weather…and i don’t wanna know how cold of a wind chill. (yes, I experienced this last month!)

    thanks again.

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