Feeling a little bummed/blechy today so i’ll just leave you with a couple pics i’ve experimented with. 

I’ve always been in awe of all the Through-The-Viewfinder (TTV) pics i see out there, and actually do have the type of camera needed to actually achieve it, but can’t really figure it out to get it right (tried a couple things but all my pics turn out really, really, really blurry).  So here’s the cheating way to achieve it – overlay two pics in photo-editing software.  Okay, okay – so i cheated it, and admit it, but at least i’m honest – right, Sweet World?  I mean, i still took the pics so it’s not like i’m stealing anyone else’s photos.  I would never do that anyway! 

Still enjoy.  Even if they are a little un-real (well, manipulated at least). 





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  1. love the photos, even if you did cheat! also, really, really, love my etsy stuff. i’ve already begun using them!! 🙂

  2. I don’t think that’s cheating…it’s your work, just digitally enhanced 🙂 Those pictures are beautiful. I think you should put some in your shop!!

    Is it cheating when all those models have air brushed everything!?! Well it’s still there body, hehe. Sorry you are having a blechy day…hope the weekend gets better!!

    Check my blog, I gave you some LOVE!

  3. Came over from SITS – beautiful photos!

  4. I like them. They look old fashioned.

    Have you been to the Spatter blog? She’s also a photographer. I think she puts a new photo on daily.


  5. What a beautiful photographer you are. Really amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to say hello.

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