So Sweet! And a couple Special Offers!

My cousin is doing the sweetest thing and offering something special to those who purchase something from the HelloSweetWorld Etsy shop!  You gotta check it out!  

I just added new items too so get ’em while they’re fresh.  And don’t forget to get those Valentine’s Day goodies before it’s too late.

Also, to up the offer – i’ll give you 10% off my shop if you order before midnight EST on Monday, January 26th!   Just type in “Special Offer” in the notes to seller upon purchasing and i’ll refund the money or send you a revised invoice before you pay.  And the items will be shipped Tuesday, January 27th!   A sale and next-day shipping – how can you resist?!

And thanks so much everyone for being so nice and leaving great comments about my shop!  I couldn’t do it without you – seriously  🙂

Thanks Sweet World – I love you!



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3 responses to “So Sweet! And a couple Special Offers!

  1. hello from dubai-thank you for coming by and leaving your lovely comment!

  2. wow, that is very sweet! i will check it out.

  3. Anything for you cuz 😉

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