Now What?

Now that i’m back and getting back into the swing of things again, i don’t know what to blog about.  Isn’t that funny?!  I have tons of pictures and just don’t know where to start.  I think today i’ll share about some history of Holland, or at least some pictures of historical structures of Holland.  Hehe.  A lot of the villages and smaller towns are centered around a church, and the village my grandmother lives in is no exception.  It’s actually named after the church, which is the only church in her village, and the biggest structure.  The larger towns also have historical structures for their town halls, which are absolutely gorgeous buildings, as well as several churches instead of just one or two.  Here’s some of the chruches and town halls i managed to capture with my camera:


Veere, The Netherlands


Zierikzee, The Netherlands


Middelburg, The Netherlands


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Middelburg, The Netherlands


Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands



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5 responses to “Now What?

  1. LOVE LOVE the pictures! It almost feel like being there even just by looking at it. Thanks for posting them. Btw, Please do keep my jewelry in mind for gifts! I’ll ship it anywhere you are 🙂


  2. What a gorgeous place! Thanks for posting the pictures. They are really good.

    My husband’s ancestors are from Holland.


  3. gorgeous shots. look at that blue sky.

  4. GORGEOUS pictures…that second one would look so great matted and framed! What an amazing trip that must have been!

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