Um…Shall We Run Through the Forest?


Well, i don’t have much exciting news so far this week.  I’m just busy, busy with work and will be out of town the next few days for work so most likely i won’t be posting.  I know, i know – it’s a bummer.  What will you do without my randomness and non-informative information?   Hehe……

Anyway.  Lately i’ve been into items with cute forest animals on them,  like purses, paper or anything really.  I have no idea where my fascination with this decor came from and i’m even thinking of decorating my room with a forest theme.  Yikes!  Haha.  I just think little deer, rabbits, owls and birds are so cute lately.  I know this is totally random and just thought i’d share.  Does anyone have any ideas on decorating with this theme that won’t look like a kid’s room and/or that doesn’t require a lot since i can’t really paint my walls?  I was thinking just a few pillows on my bed with some animals or silhouettes on them and some pictures on my walls with the theme.  I know, i’m strange.  Hehe…..

What have been your fascinations when decorating and what themes have you just suddenly wanted to decorate with?

Thanks for putting up with my randomness, Sweet World!  I know it’s not an easy task but someone’s gotta do it….hehe!




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7 responses to “Um…Shall We Run Through the Forest?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the pictures! I haven’t had any themes per say, but I rented for so long that when I finally got a house, every room had to be a different color! 🙂 I have a rainbow house! 🙂

  2. My favorite line from this post? “Non-informative information.” Absolutely brilliant. I am definitely going to have to try to incorporate that one into my daily conversations with the rest of the world.

    I wish I was inspired enough to actually have a “latest” decoration theme. I am still trying to find any type of theme at all for my home.


  3. I think some sort of black/white or grey with brightly colored embroidered birds would be super cute. or owls… love owls.

  4. I think this is a great topic.

    Think about log cabins to get ideas. I’ve used branches as curtain rods and draped a red bandana fabric around them and also some rope. I’m going for a cowgirl/old farmhouse/Depression era retro look. Quite a mix! My cousin even covered all her woodwork with branches. She covered her light switches with little twigs. She just hot-glued them.

    Collect rocks and use them as decoration. Also birds’ nests. Unless you have a cat. My cat keeps going after my birds’ nests. Maybe you can find fake ones. I like anything natural, organic and old. I like to find old pictures of animals at antique auctions.

    Are you renting? Is that why you can’t paint? How about using fabric on the walls? And of course your photographs. If you can’t do the twigs on the light switches, maybe you can find old frames at an antique auction–you can sometimes find a whole box full of them for five bucks and cover the frames with the twigs and put your animal photographes inside. What about faux deer fabric on the end of your bed?

    Have fun!


  5. I am hopeless at decorating. I have everything in earth tones and I just leave it at that. So long as it doesn’t show too much dirt, I am fine. But there are days when I wish I lived in some lovely decorated little spot. But then I look outside, and see that God has decorated much better than I could.

  6. Okay girl, check out Paula’s latest blog post is a link to a Etsy shop that carries awesome wall decal’s and they are offering a discount to her readers…woo hoo! They may have some neato forest creatures? Love ya cuz!

    Jamie 🙂

  7. I’ve never tried to much “theme” decorating. I have a hard time pulling it off. I would think though with all the wonderful ideas ladies are suggesting that you could make it work. Just make sure we get pictures of the results!

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