Paws for Charity and Some Snow!


Recently, I found out about a charity through the Photographers of Etsy (POE) team blog called “Paws for Charity“.   This charity benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer.  The “Paws” part comes in because the three lovely ladies at the “Paws for Charity” blog are making an art book of animals to sell for the cause.  Any animal lover is sure to love the book.  How can you resist if it’s for a great cause?  I’ll keep you updated on the progress and where you can purchase the book once it’s available.  What a great idea for a great cause!

And on a quick note, we finally got some snow that’s worth something here in Southwest Virginia and i was stoked!  Here is a pic of it falling last nite.  So pretty!




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4 responses to “Paws for Charity and Some Snow!

  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for posting about our Paws for Charity Art Book project! I’m just putting the book together now…I’ve received 93 great submissions and have to whittle it down to 37.
    Just one thing…the proceeds from the book will be distributed to different breast cancer charities…depending on the wishes of the contributors of the book (not just the Susan G. Komen foundation)…just wanted to clear that up!

  2. hellosweetworld

    Whoops! Sorry, thanks for clearing that up though. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with the submissions!

  3. oh I’m so jealous of the snow!

  4. Hello – here from SITS. What a beautiful website and pictures! Thank you for adding some beauty to my day!

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