Weekly Photography Tips

Since photography is my main passion these days, i’ve decided that instead of posting just randomness of my life, that i’d start a weekly post for photography tips.  Sure, you can find these on other blogs, in your camera manual or pretty much anywhere online, but i thought it’d be helpful for people who do stop by my blog.  So here goes!

Today’s topic:  White Balance.

You may or may not have heard of this before.  White balance is the color tint that shows up in your photographs, to simply explain it.  When you take a photograph and it looks like it has a blue, orange, yellow, or really any color tone that isn’t true to what you are photographing, this is white balance.  Most cameras, unless you have an older model camera, have settings for this.  I think my cell phone camera even has a setting for this. 

So, how do you fix it?  It really varies depending on camera models and brands but you can find it under the menu of your camera, most likely under “settings”.  Some cameras (DSLRs) can have a shortcut button for this also.  Usually there are different white balance settings based on the type of lighting your photographing in, such as sunlight, cloudy, flourescent, and tungsten lighting.  You may have to play with which setting you need by taking a few test shots of the subject.  The auto white balance setting won’t always come out correctly, so don’t think that you can just put it on auto and it’ll work out.  The auto function isn’t always a correct-all for photography as one might think. 

For some cameras, you may only be able to customize white balance under the manual modes of your camera, which would be the P, S, A, and M modes on the dial of the camera.   Check your camera manual on how to access the white balance menu to switch the type of lighting and find the shortcut button, if you have one.  Once you learn this, you’ll start to notice the different tones of certain photographs and then will want to change them to match the subject if the tone looks like too much of one color or doesn’t match the subject very well.   

Hope this doesn’t sound too confusing and feel free to ask me any questions.  Try it out and let me know what you find, and if this is helpful or not.   Thanks Sweet World!



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4 responses to “Weekly Photography Tips

  1. Thanks! Every little bit helps.

  2. good to know! i’m so bad with my camera, which is a point and shoot. i never take it off auto b/c i have no idea what the other settings do.

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