Busy, busy today but on a quick note, finding this on my Yahoo homepage today made me happy.  Go check out the smartest dog breeds here.  Who’s #8?   Hehe.  

I don’t know if i would call mine the smartest for common sense but he did catch on to agility pretty fast.  And he is a watchdog, for sure, and is curious about everything.  Otherwise he just likes to be mischievous.  Eek!




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  1. One of mine’s on the list too! #9, the lovely Rottweiler. 🙂 She definitely fits the bill as smart and extremely loyal too!

    I’ve always loved Paps, but I’m not so certain my husband will let me get another little dog after my Pom. He’s not about the smaller yappy dogs. He likes big…

  2. Sammye Jo

    Just got your comment! Jamie won that giveaway! I emailed her off board and neglected to post it! I will have some more great samples to giveaway soon!! Thanks!

  3. Hi.
    Stopping by through SITS to say hello!

  4. Oh isn’t he sweet! Surprised the Boxer isn’t #1? Ha, j/k…they are probably #100 😉

  5. what a cutie. what do you know – chis aren’t on the list! lol.

  6. He is so cute! He reminds me of our dog Snuffy we had when I was little♥

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